Incarnation of Narayana as a Nar

"Shri Gurucharan Kamlebhyo Namah"

“What miracles God plays! What miracles He plays in what manners and in which forms! How many faces He assumes- somewhere preceptor, somewhere disciple; somewhere devotee, somewhere god; somewhere lover, somewhere beloved; somewhere birth, somewhere death- indulging in manifold creations with various forms.”

Information About Jagatguru Shri Swami Kamleshwaranand Ji

The 15th day of the month of August 1974 dawned in new redness and with joy for everyone. It seemed nature herself, overwhelmed with joy, spreading streaks of divine light all over. In short, an atmosphere of welcome to a great godly event had mystically emerged. Amidst all this a child is born, at 5.15 am in the morning. Father Shri Hariharnath Narpati Shukla & mother Smt. Jayraji Devi were struck by a happy, surprise and named the baby "Kamlesh". His Father would lovingly call him "Chatar".

Right during the period of his birth, the nature was welcoming in the way of winds and heavy rain which continued for around six days. Even today during the Sadhana Shivir camps which are organised all over the world we can see such warm welcome from nature in the way of winds and rain. (The recent incident which the sadhak parivaar witnessed was on Nikhil Janmotav i.e. Pujya Gurudev Swami Nikhileshwaranand's Birthday which was organised on 20th & 21st of April, 2008.) His father was facing a court case from last 20years, which he won during the time of his birth.Thats why Guruji usually say" Samsayein Aapki Samadhan Hamare....(Your Problems....Our Solutions...)

Kamlesh goes growing up. His activities show sign of divinity and extraordinary powers. The child's education begins. At the early age he use to sit along with his father for pujas for continuosly 2 to 3 hours performing "Om Nad". During the age of 5 to 6 yrs, he suddenly fell ill and his parents took him to the nearby hospital. Looking at his health condition,the doctor replied that the child will not survive.At that stage,his father left his son's life in the hands of doctor.Praying to the God,the doctor continued his treatments.He was discharged from the hospital after two months from recovery. Once afternoon when he was sleeping on bed, there was a medicine bottle kept nearby his thighs. He felt as if the bottle would transform into a snake which surrounded him.He use to touch the snake and get awakened suddenly.Such incident happened for around 2to3 times.After few days, in the morning time he saw a giant image of Lord Hanuman in his dream which cannot be defined. From then, he became a upasak(follower) of Lord Hanuman.He practised Hanuman Chalisa at that early age & even he became well-known to the holy book Sunderkand (Sunderkand is the fifth chapter of the Hindu holy book called Ramayan'). His intellectual and spiritual sharpness astonish the people around. For all the virtues, he gets known to the villagers as Swamiji' and was loved by all.

He loved animals and birds.He had a pet dog which whom he use to play.Once, a villager beat his dog just for the sake of hurting Swamiji's sentiments. He was deeply hurt and replied him by complaining. The villager even beated him. He went crying along with his dog to his mother to complain.One more incident which happened was of a crow.A crow was sitting on the electric poll and got stuck to the electric shock.The people nearby the poll saw this and started laughing and screaming that "This crow will not survive". Looking at the situation, Guruji was deeply hurted. He started praying to God that "Oh Lord! Kindly give a part of my life to this crow who is struggling for its life". Suddenly, the lights went off and the crow which got stuck by electric shock flew away.He saw this incident and with tears in his eyes he thanked Lord for listening his prayer .This shows his love towards animals, birds and nature.

At the age of 17, Gurudev married Ragini (Mataji). Even after his marriage he continued his studies .But this ordinary way of life did not satisfy him. "My life is not only for my family, for earning my livelihood, for employment, it's for high attainments and for the world", he thought. From his very childhood he was interested in spiritualism. He would askhis friend such questions such as  Can we see the whole universe with our eyes? Can we see the Parmatma? Do mantra tantra and the like have powers? Can we use this mantra tantra for the welfare of this society?" The answer to all his questions was satisfied when he met Pujya Gurudev Dr.Narayan Dutt Shrimaliji in the year 1996.He took Guru Diksha from Pujya Gurudev on 8th of August, 1996.

When he saw that the society needs the glorious ancient heritage he left no stone unturned to revive and rehabilitate the society's intellectual spiritual heritage, including Dhyan, Yoga, Sadhanas, Samadhi, Spiritualism, Ayurved, Culture and Tradition in its original and undefined form. In this connection he has published a quarterly research oriented magazine with the title "Pragya Kiran", which, of course, has earned a special place in the world of spiritualism. He has at the same time, established the trust "Dhyan Yog Jan Jagrtuti Seva Sansthan" in the year 2003 and thus perpetuated the glorious "gurukul tradition".

Now he is well-known as Pujya Gurudev Shri Swami Kamleshwaranandji and providing guidance to his disciples for the welfare of the people. The disciples get his darshan during their dhyan, Sadhna, and dreams, even they see and feel his presence and can talk to him about their problems and concerns. Any body those who have been performing sadhana can get his darshan, feel his presence and talk to him. One can experience and feel about gurudeva, who has achieved the height of Sadhan and devotion, through this one can know about invaluable things of the universe also.


Pujya Gurudev

Serving deprived for their life.. for their education

Jan 2017

Shiv Swaroop Gurudev

With Disciples at Mahashivratri Sadhana Shivir 2017

March 2017

His main goal is to make a real spiritual age on earth, to accomplish this task he has been providing guidance for the welfare of the mankind all over the world. Dhyan Yog Sadhana Shakti Kendra (Brahmananda Ashram) is his aim which is under-construction from which Gurudev can make a temple of spiritual world where humans can live in peace and happiness. This, in fact, is a matter of glory not only for the nation but also for the entire world. Pujya Gurudev is born not for a particular nation of religion but for the mankind as a whole. The day will come when mankind will know this.

God had had an advent on the earth in some form or the other at a particular time. Likewise, His Holiness Gurudev Swami Kamleshwaranandji had incarnated himself as a lotus on this earth at a particular time but it cannot be confined within the boundary of time, because he kept on getting born in the same form every moment, every second. By his advent on the earth, the Nature became glad and mirthful, but ordinary beings could not understand it; so much so that even his parents lacked an insight to identify him but there was every moment a feeling that it was something different. He was born in an ordinary family, but his thinking was always extraordinary since very childhood. This was the feeling that compelled others to think. There was a combination of divinity, purity, innocence and clarity in his personality since childhood. Kindness for creatures, liking for peaceful loneliness, inquisitiveness about various things despite leading a familial life- such as "Who is Parmatma (God)? What is He? How can he be obtained? Prayer to God for any fault because of living in a human body; emulating 'self' in the fire of retribution and thus desire for obtaining divine love- speaking to God - to have a feeling that god listens - were some of the traits that differentiated him from common people.

A desire for the welfare of mankind, a wish to motivate life with divine deeds; to dissolve 'self' with the greater 'self' (i.e. His Holiness Sadguru Nikhileshwaranandji took birth within the living body of Swami Kamleshwaranandji. What miracles God plays! What miracles He plays in what manners and in which forms! How many faces He assumes- somewhere preceptor, somewhere disciple; somewhere devotee, somewhere god; somewhere lover, somewhere beloved; somewhere birth, somewhere death- indulging in manifold creations with various forms.

O blessed Lord, your miracles know no end! You do everything but are unaware of your deeds! Very similar is the story of His Holiness Swami Kamleshwaranandji.

To think beyond life while living an ordinary life to engross himself thoroughly in devotion to God, to revel in divine pleasures, social welfare, not thinking of self but about deliverance of all creatures from sorrows; not his family, country but the entire world and cosmos was his concern and he spends his life in eradicating evils from the world and make it a beautiful place of dance, music, meditation, yog, sadhana and worship.

To lead an ordinary life despite being an extraordinary sadhak is his striking feature and he behaves with all in a befitting manner- with his parents, brothers and cousins, wife and children, discharging all familial responsibilities. He explains his gospels to a person according to the latter's level of maturity and that is a unique style, that is to say - greatness lies in humility.

His Highness Shri Gurudev has many features which automatically attract people as though he were saying, "Hey! Whatever you call me- son, brother, cousin, husband or father, you posit any relationship of the world with me but I am your Lord, the dear great Lord only, which you will realize if you wish to. Give me your affection and you will attain divinity if you call me from the recesses of your heart, you will feel my true existence, you will come to know the real relationship between you and me. Every moment his shining eyes speak the same thing and inspire to dissolve you with the inner self.

Those who had an earnest devotion could perceive and even see that divinity, that light, including his brothers and cousins, family members and villagers whereas this is very difficult for the neighbours, because the lord goes on conjuring up illusions after illusions in order to bring His devotee closer and closer and in course of this drawing closer and closer to Him, He wishes to introduce the devotee to 'the inner self'. A true devotee has, therefore, to go through several ordeals because just as water boils at 100 C and changes into vapour and spreading extensively mingles with the air, similarly a shishya keeps on burning and burning in the fire of devotion and then transforms and turns so great, so vast and makes the entire world fragrant with his dauntless devotion. This is the formative process of a shishya (disciple) through which His Holiness Shri Gurudev makes him Divine. His objective of life is to make his disciple full of love and devotion, thus transmitting divine love all over the universe.

A person can become benevolent only if he burns himself in the fire of love otherwise he cannot be branded even a being. Take out love from the life of a person and you will see he will not remain a human being any longer; he will become a devil and harm the world horrendously. Love is the root of all virtues; therefore the Gurudev emphasizes on love. Love all beings and you will conquer the whole world. Not to speak of God without love. Even a man without love is nothing but a monster. Whenever creation of the universe took place, the Lord happened to incarnate Himself in some form or the other and replenish the world with his love and affection. Again, He has come in the form of Kamal. Know why? For Kamal is divinity; kamal is purity; kamal is cleanliness, Kamal is fragrance, Kamal is kindness; kamal means lotus in Hindi and just as a lotus blooms above water with its root completely drowned in water, similarly the Gurudev Kamal is completely detached from the petty concerns of human life although he is thoroughly involved in worldly activities and leads a family life. So, the purpose of his advent on the earth in form of the Sadguru Kamal is to always bloom like a lotus and make all beings happy, hale and hearty like himself.

Such thoughts can only belong to God and not an ordinary human being. Such magnanimity, equanimity, consciousness-- these are the prime objectives with which establishment of Dhyan Yog Jan Jagruti Sansthan came into being.

"Shri Gurucharan Kamlebhyo Namah"
(I salute the feet of the Guru, which are like lotuses)

Gurudev's All Pravachan

If you surrender wholeheartedly to the Guru, the Guru will also embrace you wholeheartedly. As you dedicate yourself to the Guru step by step; the blessings of the Guru will be established in your life step by step and in your heart and all your breath will be sanctified by his grace..."

Swami Kamleshwaranand  | Founder of Dhyan Yog Jan Jagriti Seva Sansthan

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