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“The Lord is the progenitor... the Lord is the care-taker... our life goes on by the Lord's grace... you know and understand all this, but the variety of being 'the door' is leading the entire world towards a false illusion.”


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It was established in the year 2005, the registration number being F31151. This institution has been working for social equanimity based on human life values of material, spiritual and ethical issues.


Some disciples call him a magician, some call him a lover, some call him well-versed in the sixteen arts, and some call him Lord Shiv. While some say he is beyond Lord Shiv and Shiva.


The main purpose of the Dhyan Yog Jan Jagruti Seva Sansthan is to restore happiness, peace and prosperity to a dividing family & To propagate the vital ideology of "live and let others live" all over the globe.

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Seek the 'inner self' which is a treasure of spiritual consciousness beyond mundane life... O man! The Lord, the Great Soul has hidden boundless treasure in our body and in this house of clay... Dignify yourself on this earth by understanding the virtue of life, by moving on the path of truth and by acquiring this divine wealth... Be the cause of love and, with the key of love, unlock the door to the Lord... Be full of divine love and welcome the bounty given by Him in your life... You... every creature on this earth own that bountiful perfection... but this perfection has yet to be experienced... This perfection can not be experienced if a creature distances away from the 'inner self'... Neither bounty nor love...

Hey! Come, get lost in to my arms and lead yourself towards the Lord... There is no life in the hypocrisy of enmity, jealousy and dishonesty... What results from it is only sorrow, poverty and hapless, hopeless life... If you want to be happy, reduce enmity, jealousy and dishonesty to the 'inner self' and dissolve yourself into Integrity, Absolute Sovereignty and mingle into Integrity... I wish to make this loving and beautiful... I pray to all of you... Cooperate with me... Do not crusade against creatures and life... Crusade against evils and vices... Do not efface love, truth... Efface selfishness...

There is only one way to attain Divinity... that is profound love, infant-like innocence, catholicity of heart... Hey! Come; let us make a move towards the Lord.

O inhabitants of the earth! Light the flame of your 'inner self', cleanse off the ill feelings of your heart, fill your dark heart with the light of your 'inner self' and lead the world to glory... The feeling of the well-being of mankind is more important than worship or rituals... If you really wish to convey your love, worship, rituals, penance to the Lord; love each and every human being... Plant the trees of love all over the world...

Illuminate the world with the light of truth and honesty... The teachings of the Vedas, the Puranas, the Gita, and the Ramanyna should not only be reflected by these books but be implemented into your life and your personality should be turned in to a live, conscious book... Fragrant flowers of the garden! Fragrant with the love of the Lord... O man! do not forget yourself; whenever you forget the 'inner self', the Lord punishes you by causing to you sorrow... Make yourself virtuous and spread the fragrance of truth, non-violence and love all over the world... Then the Lord will certainly saturate you with pleasure... O man! Begin a new life and flow the stream of humanity, love and harmony by adopting righteousness, civility and generosity. O youth! You are the sun of the world... Dignify the whole mankind by kindling the light of the 'inner self' and illuminate each and every particle on earth...

I, your sadguru, convey this message to you with folded hands.
In order for you to attain the divine vision to view your 'inner self'.

The Lord is the progenitor... the Lord is the care-taker... our life goes on by the Lord's grace... you know and understand all this, but the variety of being 'the door' is leading the entire world towards a false illusion.

Open your eyes, seat in the Lover.
O man! Behold the Lover and the whole world will turn in to a temple.

Sorrow, poverty and tyranny are continuously mushrooming in the world... Today's man is mistaking the Lord's property for his own by intellectually accelerating his life... When will you realize your folly? When will you awake? Admit the illusion and tyranny, corruption will be automatically rooted out... The world needs a tourist today and not a tour... Be a tourist... Be a seeker... the Lord will then certainly make you rush towards Him and bless your life...

Enmity, jealousy, sorrow are to be discarded... Love, generosity, happiness are to be imbibed by you at heart...

An entreaty, His Holiness Gurudev Swami Kamleshwaranand Ji...

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To serve humanity through selfless service without discrimination based on race, religion, nationality, caste or gender.

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