Resotring heritage of Indian Culture

"The organization has organized many Sadhana shivirs during religious festivals in various regions and cities all over India"

“Personable, pleasant, pouring love endlessly
A heart devoid of love cannot be an abode of God,
Truth, affinity, civility...”

The organization has organized many Sadhana shivirs during religious festivals in various regions and cities all over India in order to eliminate the various problems faced by human kinds in day to day life.

His Holiness Shri Swami Kamleshwaranandji has endeavoured to reveal in a simple manner the deep inscrutable knowledge of our ancient sages among the common people throughout the country by organizing dhyan yog satsang sadhana camps, so the glorious heritage of the Indian Culture can be thoroughly retained so 'Deeksha' along with education i.e., seeds of 'sanskaar' (gentility) can be sown in the minds of the common mass, so fast declining knowledge and science of the sages can be lively presented to the common mass and the Indian and global society could be ethically, religiously, and spiritually satiated resulting in social equanimity, mutual fraternity, harmony and love and we all and the whole world could revel in pleasure.

We also organize various kinds of social and cultural programmes, thus building up a fully healthy society. Keeping health in view, we hold free medical camps from time to time.

We are also active towards our future plan of adopting children of orphan, neglected and down-trodden class and providing them free education, 'sanskaar' (gentility) and Vedic Science by means of Brahmanand Bal Vikas Kendra. Apart from this, inspired by and glorifying His Holiness Shri Gurudev, this sansthaan also creates ideal living disciples well-versed in transcendental meditation, yog sadhana and one such example is Namrata Kamalini Ji who says, "My life was blessed to find my Guru. I was able to establish him within myself. My Guruji has settled in the pedestal of my heart today and he commands me for every action. If anyone could make me face to face with Brahma (inner self) and bring happiness and peace and make my life extremely pleasant, it was none else but my Guruji."

Some disciples call him a magician, some call him a lover, some call him well-versed in the sixteen arts, and some call him Lord Shiv. While some say he is beyond Lord Shiv and Shiva. His prominent feature has been to bless a human being with material or spiritual accomplishments. and offer him deliverance, to make his shishyas (disciples) divine in his love as did Lord Krishna; to make him follow the right path by settling himself in his shishya's heart and to purge off even the sinners by impressing them with his personality and loving them and blessing them with happiness and prosperity.

Gurudev's All Pravachan

If you surrender wholeheartedly to the Guru, the Guru will also embrace you wholeheartedly. As you dedicate yourself to the Guru step by step; the blessings of the Guru will be established in your life step by step and in your heart and all your breath will be sanctified by his grace..."

Swami Kamleshwaranand  | Founder of Dhyan Yog Jan Jagriti Seva Sansthan

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