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“Discover India, India's sanskriti, culture and our way of life with Arya Sanskruti. Our Sankriti is like unity in diversity. Know our culture with us on weekly basis understand and feel the pleasure of divine sadguru thoughts in this newsletter.”

About Arya Sanskriti

Arya Sanskriti Saptahik Samachar Patra (Aryan culture weekly news letter) is a magazine brought out by our organization Dhyan Yog Jan Jagriti Seva Sansthan in a bid to serve the public..

The fundamental aim of Aryan Culture is to spread the Indian culture, the roots of which highlight the unique identity of India, to the entire world and establish the same all over the globe.. We make special efforts and take special interest to bring out Dhyan, Yog, Sadhana, Adhyatam (Meditation, Yoga, Penance, Philosophy) related articles in this magazine for the benefit of mankind the world over. It is our endeavor to spread the divine knowledge to the ends of the world through this medium...

We are confident that by the grace of God one day we will succeed in our mission of guiding the society towards a new path and treading the path from Prem (Love) to Paramatma (He, the ultimate), For, God is with us... .....

“Come; strengthen our hands by joining your hands to meet this grand goal. I request all of you to treat achievement of this goal as ‘not mine, but ours’...

Swami Kamleshwaranand Ji

After a spell of thousands of years one more divine Granth has emerged. A source of Nishkam or Nischalta. divyattam, ojaswittam Brahmn's “Brahmn-Vani” Sneha, the Karuna, the Daya, Guru's Karunik Kripa…The Guru is everything. Read Our Books Magazine which gives you immense knowledge of Life, Love, God, Guru everything..!


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Helping people find their way back to God. Our Sadguru Shri Swami Kamaleshwaranand is form of divinity, purity, impartiality. Bless your life, meet Sadgurudev

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