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After a spell of thousands of years one more divine Granth has emerged. A source of Nishkam or Nischalta. divyattam, ojaswittam Brahmn's “Brahmn-Vani” Sneha, the Karuna, the Daya, Guru's Karunik Kripa…The Guru is everything. I came every time in the form of some Granths. give My any name, Me is none other than Me only. one more time. Amongst all of you, once again I have come after a long interval in the form of the “BRAHMN-VAANI".

Blessed with miracle, divine holy treatise 'Brahmvani' emanating from 'the inner self' - an abode of siddhis. "This is the bliss and virtue of good deeds of life that I am having his (Nikhileshwaranandji's) closeness, discourse, affection and blessings every moment even today. It was only through me that his holy graces poured down on one of my greatest shishyas viz. NamrataPandey and he christened her as NamrataKamalini. The conventional process of Guru-dom was established once again. She was not only sanctified by shaktipaat, divyapaat and urdhvapaat (occult processes of awakening the inner consciousness in a shishya's mind) but also brahmapaat. Consequently, after thousands of years, a face- to- face contact with the soul (or 'the inner self') became possible and Brahmvani happened to be created.

Brahmvani is his (Shri Nikhileshwaranandji's) fragrance. Brahmvani is his aroma. Brahmvani is his celestial consciousness. Brahmvani is an eye-opener to straggling, vainglorious and crooked shishyas....Wake up! There is still time. You are divided. You are getting divided. You will be smashed to pieces. Be cautious while there is still time. Come and join with the Integrated Entity and become integrated. Fill yourself level with love and become a means of spreading His fragrance all over the world. Agreed? Then, do not delay. Get up now and make a move towards Him.

Brahmvani will help you reach there. This is a bridge. Climb it and join Kamleshwaranandji and drown yourself in the celestial, eternal currents of God i.e. 'Nikhil ParmatmDhara'. Kamleshwaranandji is none else but this is one of the thousands names of His Holiness ShriNikhileshwaranandji. Raze out all your discriminations because your Guru is the complete Brahm (soul or God). He is settled in every soul. He is beyond everybody - the great Nikhileshwaranand. He is also Kamleshwaranand. When will your discriminations be razed out? When they end, you will also attain the absolute pleasure, you cannot achieve the celestial bliss, spiritual splendour and internal peace of mind by conspiring. On this grand day of his death anniversary, I pray to Him to consummate his shishyas by filling their hearts with devotion. I, too, bless you all by heart that the birth of my every shishya may be completely purposeful and successful. You dissolve yourself with the Absolute Pleasue i.e. Me in the this very life by accomplishing all great feats".

I am dedicating myself along with all shishyas with devotion and faith in the form of a divine, sacred, fragrant, aromatic flower, completely filled with love on this celestial holy day. If you, too, wish so; come on all of you. I wait for all of you".

This book does not at all contain intelligence. This entire book has been written with both eyes shut and with utmost devotion, entering into 'the inner self'. Get it today - a book which is the fruit of divine blessings of the Absolute Consciousness i.e. Nikhil whom you may also call Kamal, who has been the eternal source of inspiration to the author.

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