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Holding with in self, full of love, affection and warmth, guiding the path towards "Sad-Chit-Anand it's an ancient Indian heritage" and accomplished with Mantra,Tantra, Sadhnaa Sidhdhee knowledge and science containing luster of truth within itself, it's the Nikhil's Satya Darshan...endowed with divinity and holiness, " courtesy of the truth " arthat compilation of this Magazine by reverend Gurudev Swami Kamleshwaranand Jee ... it is not merely a compilation of articles, it's a Path-Darsheeka...this Magazine provides guidance as to how can we live life in a very simple and normal subscribe this magazine, fulfill the life with love, meditation, yoga, happiness peace and warmth...

Life today is full off anguishes and squabbles. If you really want to get rid of the agitation in life, this magazine can prove to be the best solution for that.

Subscribing this Nikhil's Satya Darshan magazine give a new direction to your life... Prayers Meditation, Yoga and other publications of Jan Jagrutee Sansthan unfolding mysteries of life can be obtained from us, which can prove beneficial and auspicious...

After a spell of thousands of years one more divine Granth has emerged. A source of Nishkam or Nischalta. divyattam, ojaswittam Brahmn's “Brahmn-Vani” Sneha, the Karuna, the Daya, Guru's Karunik Kripa…The Guru is everything.


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Helping people find their way back to God. Our Sadguru Shri Swami Kamaleshwaranand is form of divinity, purity, impartiality. Bless your life, meet Sadgurudev

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