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Why Give Money For These Causes

Nikhil Satya Darshan

We published monthly magazine which is useful for preventing Vaidic Culture Of India. You can also donate for Magazine. Magazine provides guidance as to how can we live life in a very simple and normal way.

For Gatherings

We regularly organize Satsang Sadhana Shivir Programs, in which we provide free medical health check up, Motivatin and Inspirational activities for society. To become stronger in our spiritual practice

Support Groups

“Come; strengthen our hands by joining your hands to meet this grand goal. You small Contribution can change someone's life. I request all of you to treat achievement of this goal as ‘not mine, but ours’...

Our giving is a tangible expression of our sole reliance on God as our provider and sustainer. Additionally, when we give we take money’s power away from the bonding effect.


A Message From Our Pujya Gurudev

“Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with another”

Divine Sovereignity

Helping people find their way back to God. Our Sadguru Shri Swami Kamaleshwaranand is form of divinity, purity, impartiality. Bless your life. Pujya Gurudev

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