"if you perform good deeds, you will get self-satisfaction and God will also be pleased and in turn, He will satisfy you"

“Dhyan Yog Jan Jagruti Seva Sansthan intends to work for the children of orphaned, neglected and down-trodden class for which we need your cooperation.”

Brahmanand Bal Vikas Kendra

The Brahmanand Bak Vikas Kendra has been planned and it will be established by His Holiness Shri Gurudev with an objective of providing education, career and good life to orphaned and neglected children. This vision of Gurudev is based on the principles of human welfare, national development, and on the top of all this, his underlying concept is inculcating a strong taste and faith for the decadent Indian culture in the young children so that our country could produce Ram, Krishna, Meera, Radha, Buddha, Mahavir, Jesus and Mohammed time and again, thus making once again the entire world enlightened with meditation, Yog, Sadhana and Upasna, ultimately establishing 'swa' (the self) in their hearts and linking them to God.

Our Entreaty

We have an entreaty for you all, a request, which please attentively listen to and accepting our entreaty, cooperate with us. Our institution, or rather, your institution; I mean it belongs to you all -- the Dhyan Yog Jan Jagruti Seva Sansthan intends to work for the children of orphaned, neglected and down-trodden class for which we need your cooperation. I myself cannot do anything alone, but when we unite together, we shall certainly make great progress. If God has created us with an ability to do good to others, to support the needy; we should not shrink our hands but move forward and support them. With what were you born and with what will you die? Let us recall a true incident which occurred in the recent past. Satya Sai had huge wealth so much so that it had to be counted by a machine for 36 hours continuously. Lo! He had to forsake everything and depart from the world. Howsoever much wealth you possess, you have to shun it up sooner or later. So, there is a polite request to you all that if God has enabled you with financial strength, please utilize it suitably.

If you cooperate with us in this mission in any way, you will not only do a favour to us but also be credited for this virtuous deed in God's esteem. You will follow the track of love and virtue; and generosity always begets prosperity. First, prioritize your won interests and whatever is surplus after meeting your demands; donate that to this noble cause and if you wish, you can also donate something from your own personal share.

Someone recounted a story to me. A man died and Yamraj (the god of death) came to take his soul to heaven. Then, that soul asked, "Why are you taking me to heaven?" I never performed any worship, nor did I ever indulge in meditation or rituals." Yamraj said, "When I felt thirsty, you offered me water; when I felt hungry, you offered me food; when I had no clothes, you adorned me with attire. Thus, you pleased me in various ways. That is your worship, meditation and ritual and so I am pleased with you".

See, this may be a story and may also be false; but if you perform good deeds, you will get self-satisfaction and God will also be pleased and in turn, He will satisfy you. You will be in heaven before death and enjoy absolute heavenly pleasure. I, therefore, request you to please cooperate with us by contributing as much as you afford and anyone can co-operate with us cordially by means of physical work or money. Those willing to offer physical services may contact us.

We implore all of you to kindly support us certainly. Lend your hands in this holy mission of God. We shall remain grateful to you. As you appreciate the significance of gospels contained herein, you will also realize that this mission is the command of the almighty and we wish to execute this within a very short period. We, therefore, request maximum cooperation from all of you.


Although schools are available everywhere today, knowledge and learning in the true sense of the terms are gradually diminishing. Today's generation thinks that the only objective of knowledge and learning is to become modern. Knowledge and learning explored by ancient Indian sages is far better than that of today and fits in the modern volatile society.

His Holiness Shri Gurudev has planned the establishment of this Vidyalaya (a centre of learning) with an aim of sowing the seeds of the Indian culture and retain our sanskaar. Today's young generation is forgetting the Indian culture under the influence of the western culture. His Holiness Shri Gurudev wishes to pick up the virtues of both cultures and strike a harmonious balance between them, thus emphasizing the inculcation of good qualities in modern children to make them shine like the sun all over the world.

Ayurved Shakti Kendra

Establishment of a hospital providing treatment and medicines of both types i.e. those explored by ancient Indian sages and modern ones is under planning, which will provide treatment to socially neglected and orphaned people. This is for those who have none to support them. Hey! The aim and objective of this hospital is to provide perfectly hale life to orphaned people who suffer and writhe with diseases, but we should realize that God dwells in every heart and arrange to eliminate their woes. The society has several affluent people, but only great men with noble hearts come to the rescue of the helpless suffering mankind. May God bless everyone with such an inspiration and kind heart.

Blessed be the truth! How many manifestations God assumes in species of all creatures and caters to their needs, living in their hearts! We all human beings should thank God and motivate our life.

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Sadhana is the first phase, meditation the second phase, Yog the third phase. Sadhana, meditation, yog and then comes upasna (worship) and then shakti chaitanya (power consciousness)

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Look at the running water and imagine how effortlessly this water is donating everything to God. Concentrate on this scene and your thoughts should focus on your sacrifice to God.

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Every particle of this universe gives the knowledge of Yoga if you are simple calm and thoughtfulness then you will find that God everywhere and this high desire takes you in yourself only

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If you surrender wholeheartedly to the Guru, the Guru will also embrace you wholeheartedly. As you dedicate yourself to the Guru step by step; the blessings of the Guru will be established in your life step by step and in your heart and all your breath will be sanctified by his grace..."

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