Yogachchemah Vahamyam, Mameka Sharanam Braja...

"Resign yourself wholeheartedly to me and I will rid you of all fears."

“When two meet, a new form comes into being. A combination of the beatings of two hearts together gives effect to an incarnation of a third beating, which is the form of love, the face of your Sadguru...”


"I reiterate time and time again that you relinquish the gratification of the mind and give up passions and resign yourself to the Guru. If you surrender wholeheartedly to the Guru, the Guru will also embrace you wholeheartedly. As you dedicate yourself to the Guru step by step; the blessings of the Guru will be established in your life step by step and in your heart and all your breath will be sanctified by his grace."

Irrespective of your status, time and situation; dedicate yourself to the Guru. You have to Give up absurdities; although you cannot give them up easily but when you dedicate yourself to the Guru; absurdities automatically begin to vanish away and eventually they are rooted out; all your hurdles, hassles, sins, sorrows start diminishing the very moment and the Guru protects his shishya by all means and leads him towards consummation because he is the Sadguru full of Lord Krishna's blessings and power. The Sanskrit word 'krishna' means the one who leads to consummation and the one and only, who makes you consummate is the Sadguru. In the Gita, He said the same thing in the form of a Sadguru, "Only I (Guru Brahma) can protect you all and lead towards prosperity. O Arjun! Resign yourself wholeheartedly to me and I will rid you of all fears." (The original Sanskrit version is "Yogachchemah Vahamyam, Mameka Sharanam Braja...") and this can be possible only when you devote wholeheartedly to your Guru and thoroughly follow him, win over his faith and dedicate yourself absolutely, giving up all lusts, passions and greed-- surrender to me. O Arjun! You will be victorious in the battle of life only when you surrender to me, shunning up all religions because only I, Krishna am the Jagatguru (the guru of the entire world). But Krishna should be wide awake, absolutely conscious, full of all means, siddha (spiritually perfect) and can bestow siddhi (spiritual perfection) on a shishya and this is feasible by a Sadguru only." This is not feasible by showy and hypocrite sadhus and Gurus who have fled away from homes with selfish motives. Truly speaking, a Guru is the one who is full in all respects; who is replete with incessant influx of love; who wins over devotees with loving grace by merely coming into contact; who is absolute, endless and who is wholeheartedly devoted to his Guru Nikhil- in other words, who is the incarnation of his Sadguru Nikhileshwaranandji and who is none else but His Holiness Swami Kamleshwaranandji.

You cannot attain perfection, pleasure and happiness in your life; however high qualifications you may achieve; however much you work hard and even carry burdens like donkeys. Yes, you can, of course, have false vanity of possessing everything in your life. You can proudly boast that you have achieved all things and earned a lot and bought vehicles, built houses, helped him and helped her, educated him and educated her. You are engaged in amassing more and more wealth even now but feel a vacuum in life and will be feeling so throughout life. Is this the meaning of consummation? Consummation means cheerfulness forever, happiness forever under any circumstances and in any situation. Consummation means perinnial temperateness, patience and politeness and also making others happy and cheerful by one's personality. One who is full of love and shares love with others, who loves all and in turn is loved by all. Living for others is really a meaningful life and living for others gives pleasure as well. What others have done for me is not an issue; what I have done for others and how much I have done for others should be reckoned with, because this makes one feel consummate, happy and cheerful but all this can be achieved by sincere faith in and devotion to the Sadguru and this needs sacrifice of all comforts for the sake of love, life, 'the inner self' and God. Possibly Kabirdasji says the same thing with emphasis, "If you get a Guru even at the cost of your life (i.e. by sacrificing false vanity, affectations, hypocrisy and lust) this is his greatest favour." This is not certain that he will be achieved, because he is not achieved at any cost, but it does not mean that he will be achieved without a cost. He can never be achieved without your endeavour, there must be your endeavour and there must also be your intense desire to achieve him; apart from that, there must be his kind favour-- fulfilment of all these conditions make him pour down his grace upon you, for sure.

When two meet, a new form comes into being. A combination of the beatings of two hearts together gives effect to an incarnation of a third beating, which is the form of love, the face of your Sadguru.


Pujya Gurudev

Giving Pravachan to Disciples at Satsang Sadhana Shivir

Aug 2015

Standing like him, sitting like him, walking like him, speaking like him, laughing like him, smiling like him, becoming altogether like him and becoming just he and he only. That is simple, easy and cheap and that is the climax of shishyata (disciple-hood). There is another aspect of the coin-- not only Guru but Sadguru. One who leads to 'sat' (Sanskrit word meaning true, good and beautiful); one who strengthens your devotions and faith; one who illuminates your life with the radiance of Sadhana; one who overcomes fate and changes the lot of his Disciple-- only he is a Sadguru; one and the only Nikhil (the great Sadguru of His Holiness Swami Kamleshwaranadnji); one who is Kamal; One who is Kamleshwaranandji and who is also Lord Krishna, who is Krishnanand, who is "Krishnam Vande Jagatguru". That is the fulfilment of life. Becoming a perfect shishya of a perfect Guru and even if he is available at the cost of one's life, it is a cheap deal (because the Hindi Doha says that if you get a Guru even at cost of your life, it's very cheap). As I have pointed out, a Guru knows time; he knows each and every moment; each and every incident is known to and seen by him but he behaves like a common man; does not boast of any power whereas we all ordinary creatures in the world are always in ignorance for lack of knowledge of time. You do not know what is going to happen to you the next moment. Don't you realize that you are groping in the dark? Have you ever reflected on that? You ought to do something. Who else will do if you don't? There is an incident in history that Guru Vashishtha, the Kulguru (family preceptor for generations) of king Dashrath had an announcement made all over the kingdom that brisk preparations be made for the coronation of Lord Ram due on next day and preparations started in full swing with grand charms and gaiety and the whole city was decorated and was galore with dance and celebrations; but next morning the whole city was serene with sadness because Lord Ram was banished. Guru Vashishtha was heavily sorry and he began to brood over as to how it had happened. He repented, "I, the Kulguru of king Dasharath gave an order for preparations for Lord Ram's coronation due on next day despite being a Kulguru and next day Lord Ram was banished! This is the greatest error of my life! I do not know tine and this is the greatest sorrow and misfortune of my life." This was said not by me but by Rishi Vashishtha. You, too, do not know time and so you are unhappy every moment. You think of something and something else happens. You speak something and what happens is the contrary. We go towards the east and reach the west.

This is aimless, directionless and indiscreet life, for there is nescience. You are unhappy and also make others unhappy. Your nescience, your folly cannot make anyone happy or cheerful. Pleasure lies in knowledge, in love, in God, in devotion to Guru, in the knowledge of time, in the Sadhana leading to knowledge of time. To perform this Sadhana , Lord Shri Krishna himself had to visit Rishi Sandeepan's ashram at Ujjain on foot. Knowledgeable about time Rishi Sandeepan asked," Tell me Krishna, what bring you here?" Replied Krishna, " I wish to render my sincere services unto your feet. I wish to acquire all siddhis. Whether I achieved any siddhis or not, I must succeed in the sadhana of kaal gyaan) knowledge of time and I shall do whatever is possible to please you, because I can become the Kaal Purush (master of time) or the yug purush {master of age) only by the grace of the Guru which is you only." History is witness that in order to accomplish this great feat, Lord Krishna spent ten years and a half at Sandeepan Rishi's ashram and at last by the Guru's grace he attained this difficult knowledge of time and on the mere strength of this knowledge and with five Pandavas, he defeated a vast army of 18 lakh Kaurava soldiers and made Pandavas victorious by handing over the kingdom of Hastinapur to them.


Nikhil Swaroop Gurudev

"Krishnam Vande Jagatguru"

April 2015

Lord Krishna struggled extraordinarily in life. He fought seventeen battles but was never defeated because he had knowledge of time. What has to be done and when - he knew very well in advance and one who knows it, can finish the job efficiently at that point of time. Pleasure lies in it and triumph, too lies in it. The only reason for your worries is that you do not have the knowledge of a particular moment. You do not know what to do at a particular moment and under a particular circumstance. So, you are worried, restless and get defeated; you lose patience, lose heart, speak out of the way and begin to act waywardly. When will you acquire the knowledge of time? When will you be on time? If you missed a particular time, did not live that particular moment, did not utilize that moment, did not enjoy that moment, did not love at that moment; then you cannot be cheerful any moment, cannot be mirthful at any moment, cannot succeed and cannot be victorious in your life; live at the pleasure of the Kaal Purush (here it means the Sadguru), devote your maximum love to the Kaal Purush, because Kal Dhyan Sadhana (spiritual sadhana enabling one to know the past, present and future) can never be acquired without the grace of the Prem Purush. (this also means the Sadguru). This is possible only by dedicated service, thorough surrender and absolute surrender to the Kaal Purush and for want of this, even a great sage like Vashishtha had to be ashamed and after banishment of lord ram he had to go to a forest and perform kaal dhyan sadhana by posing in an aasan (posture of meditation in zero), and thus, he acquired the knowledge of time and then authored an excellent book titled 'Yog Vashishtha'. In this very book he clarified that it was the greatest lapse of his life and for anybody it would be the greatest demerit and want if he did not acquire this knowledge of time because for want of it, he was bound to suffer sorrows, worries and anxieties as also sudden accidents and premature death while it also led to making false statements and lies. The only way to deliverance from all sorrows, the only way to solution to all problems and the only way to freedom from life of repentance is complete surrender in the holy feet of the kaal purush, decicated service and attainment of the kaal dhyan sadhana heart and soul. And I too bless you by heart that you may succeed in thoroughly sowing in the recesses of your heart, the seeds of the gospels of your Gurudev. May you participate in the Guru's good deeds! May you walk apace with the kaal purush, with time and overcome even the most adverse circumstances. May you master time by performing the kaal dhyan sadhana (spiritual practice of learning the art of knowing the past, present and future)! I affectionately bless you all practicing shishyas.

His Holiness Gurudev Swami Kamleshwaranandji.

Gurudev's All Pravachan

If you surrender wholeheartedly to the Guru, the Guru will also embrace you wholeheartedly. As you dedicate yourself to the Guru step by step; the blessings of the Guru will be established in your life step by step and in your heart and all your breath will be sanctified by his grace..."

Swami Kamleshwaranand  | Founder of Dhyan Yog Jan Jagriti Seva Sansthan

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