"Sadhana means to motivate life by controlling the body, mind, life breath and the senses."

“Many people find connecting with nature is a spiritual experience, it makes them feel more in tune with life, and with themselves.”

Sadhana is first phase..

Sadhana is the first phase, meditation the second phase, yog the third phase. Sadhana, meditation, yog and then comes upasna (worship) and then shakti chaitanya (power consciousness) - i.e. incorporation of the absolute power of God into the human body and being completely gleeful and living perfectly the worldly life as well as godly life is the consummation of human life, but creatures can avail of and feel that perfection only after they have undergone these four phases. Every creature knows sadhana, meditation, yog, and upasna by name only, but how to experience them practically? How to get into that absolute state? How to settle Him in each and every pore of the body and how to motivate life by dissolving 'the self' with God the Almighty? A creature usually does not have the clue to it and therefore a Sadguru, a guide is needed in every birth and every yoni . Somewhere, devotion is so strong. It is accompanied by prayer, divinity and sacredness and there God Himself settles in the devotee's heart and makes the creature knowledgeable with his presence and divinity. But, this form of God is very- very simple but rare and, therefore, God visits this earth in some incarnation or the other and attracts a human being towards Him by manifold manifestations. Similarly, His Holiness Shri Gurudev has established the Brahmanand Ashram, and having attained God and having Him established within his 'inner self' makes devotees' life overflow with divine pleasure and grace. At our institution all creatures are provided with the clue to wholly incorporate oneself into 'the inner self' and sadhaks certainly get perfection, but all these processes are for spiritual power and so they require devotion, application, dedication and faith.

Sarva Bhootantaratma literally means I exist in all living beings. Sarva, meaning I, ‘Bhoot’ is the symbol of life. ‘Antaratma’ (inner soul) is equidistant from both. soul is but a part of “I, the super soul’ . To understand ‘I’, to know ‘I’, to attain ‘I the ultimate soul’ fully initiation to Sarva Bhootantaratma sadhana is essential.

Those who seek realization shall wear white clothing, offer garland of white flowers to ‘I-Bramha’, try to establish the inner ‘I’ in on a platform made of rice; fold your hands in prayer and pray for a feel of me in yourself from head to toe; in other words try to see the supreme soul in your self. Make the heart as the cener, fold your hands and utter the following incantation:

|| Om Namo Narayanaya Mama Hridayam Darshayami Namah||

perform incantations for a while; have faith in the realization being delivered. While praying, the devotee shall think only of self, rely on practice, come nearer to the absolute truth. By this procedure the performer could envisage the ‘I-Brama’ state completely. This is a six month course. Practice this at Bramha muhurt (auspicious hour). The performance shall be complete before sunrise.

Svayambhu realization is a fantastic reaslization which even the gods and goddesses crave to achieve. This is one realization through which a person can throw light on the latent secrets within himself through which he can attain an exceptional personality. Sva is self and relating self to existence is svayambhu. The entire universe is consolidated in your small self or Pind. If you wish to know your Self or wihs to qualify your Pind to the exalted levels of Bramhand Nayak, this Svyambhu realization will help you attain that goal.


Make an Idol of Shiva using clay and place it on red sand. Offer cannabis, Datura, wood apple leaves, white flowers and white food to the lord

Note that you shall wear white clothing and sit facing towards east. wear a garland embedded with rosary beeds

At midnight sit in the open and chant Aum in a pacific tone. Continue for a minimum of half an hour while searching your soul for the meaning of life.

Practice this for the realization of journey into your inner self. Once the inner self is roused, I, the leader of the Universe, will rectify the outer self platitudinally.

Kamal, Uttering Aum is tantamount to writing a thousand incantations. There is not incantation superiror to this for a Sadhaka (realization seeker). The entire universe is enfolded in this single utterabce. The resonance of Aum is felt both internally and externally. This is one sound that makes the world complete.

You are aware that I am the meaning of all and wherever ‘I’ exist everything is special and through the medium of sound you beings are desirous of knowing the specialities of Durga... Durga is the symbol of divinity, excellence, unambiguity.... My incarnation in this form is a combination of Shiv and Shakti... I project the abilities of friendship and destruction in all beings... He who accepts Durga, or myself in the true form, and worships me, will be able to realize the Self very quickly. This is because concentrating on durga who is a combination of Shiv and Shakti empowers him to that extent.

I am in all forms but each form will be special in its own way because it is essential for beings to enmesh themselves with forms of uniqueness. Son, helping the poor and the distressed and executing the sinners is Durga’s speciality. This body is the seat of ascetism which is the center of power. The central I, the forces emanating through its ambits formed by the cental I which have a unique name and the central I manifest themselves in the form and shape in which the being prays and calls the central I.

In this form, any offerings of incense-candles made by the devotee are dear to me; remember, to attain the supreme I through ascetims, the inner spiriti must be strong and vital.

Dear Kamal, you know everything; self is vital to attain ascetism; in slef do all things dwell; yet I wish to reiterate what I have said quite often. Kamal... Spread a red cloth on a wooden stool and place the idol of Durga on it; the picture that you have formed is the representation of power of the main deities; for, all are enveloped in ‘me’ and ‘from me’; the power is that which is instilled in every human being through me... Look Kamal, when anyone attempts gaining realization with a pure heart, ie.when he tries to gain ‘Me’, my concentration on him will be intensified and as he comes nearer to me I tend towards him. This is the most secret aspect of all... efforts and prayers are the basics. Rest are realizations; but this realization must extend till it reaches the supreme ‘I’. Hence this explaination...

Spread a red cloth on a wooden stool and place the idol of Durga on it; prepare segments in rice and sesame. thee should be nine segments in all... sprinkle vermillion and turmeric on rice, offer red flowers, offer candescent light too to the goddess... and looking at the picture of the diety utter the following:

|| OM Mahadurga aagachcha mama deha sthaapayaami OM||

repeat this incantation nine times per day in the morning and evening while picturing the figure of Durga in your mind. Kamal, you wish to convert all into ascetics. But you are also aware that this cannot be accomplished by one and all....

Chandraghanta possesses the most peaceful and cool temper of all the gods but is as rediant as the Sun in all its glory. The speciality of Chnadraghanta is that it completely destroys the demonic proclivities in a person and makes him a better person... He who is an accomplisher of the self within, and who has failed in life both domestically and otherwise in spite of his best efforts stands to benefit a lot from this Sadhana as this will instill good power in him.. Chandraghanta especially pacifies the heart and helps in increasing the acceptance of graciousness and love...

lamp. Worship using turmeric, chandan, incense, red flowers... place red flowers in a red stola and offer it to the goddess. chant “OM Namo Narayani namastubhyam namastubhyam namo namah” every day. invoke the god by worshipping the god by way of chanting the said incantation 10 times and beckoning using the sacrificial ladle.

After the sacrificial rituals, pray god to make your lige complete with folded hands. He who takes up this ritual and follows it assiduously with all his heart will see all his wishes getting fulfilled and the goddess will instill thoughts most sacred to enrich his life in all aspects. The devotee will experience a lot of change for the good within his self. This practice is of 40 days duration. In the endserve food to nine vergins and offer them flowers and fruits. This is a very good practice to attain realization...


Sadhana means Practice

A spiritual practice is simply a practice that connects You to you

Being spiritual is not about religion at all – although it might mean you have a personal relationship to God, the Divine, the Universe, Allah, the Goddess, Shiva, Shakti… whatever word you like to use to describe something that is omniscient. …. Many people find connecting with nature is a spiritual experience, it makes them feel more in tune with life, and with themselves…. A spiritual practice is simply a practice that connects You to you. That is – your ego self, which is small, limited and separate from everything else, to your Higher Self, which is infinite, unlimited and connected to All that Is.


Pujya Gurudev

Absolute power of God into the human body

Gamaya practice is an expeditious way of invoking the self in a compete manner. The object of this practice is life infusion... prayer to awaken the self to be one with the ‘I-Bramha’ to attain birth of ‘Complete Self’ is the root cause of this practice.

The devotee shall sit facing east, take a white cloth and place the idol of Shiv on it.. offer turmeric, vermillion, rice, flowers, cannabis leaves to the diety and begin worshipping the ideal at the auspicious hour (Bramha Muhurat); This worship can be held in the evenings too. After the rituals, the devotee shall prepare himself emotionally to be immersed in the devotional state and pray Bhagavan Shiv with folded hands.

“O Lord, I am observing this practice for want of a male child. Please bestow me with the birth of a soul complete in all aspects. O Lord, please bestow me with a son who is superior in quality attained by me throung my ordinations...’

After praying thus, concentrate on the perineum and chant OM Namah Shivaya for at least 15 minutes.

After completing this practice, whenever the devotee thinks of or prays Shiv, let his thoughts hover about the male child... After observing this practice for 15 Mondays, he may donate anything that he desires at the temple... By doing this, the wihes of the devotee will be fulfilled. Practice with faith and devotion. Notions derive fruits... never forget this axiom...

Indrakshi means deposition of all our sensory organs... this practice is to attain control over the five sense organs. The general meaning of Indrakshi is obtaining riches equivalent to that of Lord Indra; But son Kamal, the true meaning of Indra is controlling the sensory organs. Indra is seen as the one who is immersed in all sorts of pleasures. You will be able to appreciate and take to this practice only after understanding the true meaning of Indra. otherwise, the benefits accruing out of this will be in accordance with their perception of Indra. Mysticism is the victory of mind over senses...

1. The devotee will have to obseve his own desires while practicing this Indrakshi Sadhana

2. He will have to try and understand his emotions and precepts.

3. He will have to be completely in Yog and accept worldly pleasures only through the portals of that yog.

4. The devotee shall distance himself from pleasures and shall indulge in pleasure only for fulfilling certain necessities.


spread a white cloth on the stool; fill it with rice of four colours; the devotee shall fill the cloth with apportioned rice. place white flowers on rice. light a lamp at a level lower than the stool and sit in the worshipping posture...

The garland shall be of white flowers. Hey son Kamal, to attain the inner self the devotee, in spite of being a part of the world, shall distance himself from the world emotionally to get absolute benefits from this Indrakshi Sadhana.

What is Tripura Bhairavi? How true is its power? Tripur Bhairavi or Tripurari is but a part of myself, the ‘I Bramah’. This goddess is separate from me and yet is a part of me and a body of power. She is referred to as Tripura Bhairavi. The nomenclature may not stand for absolute correctness but she is but for the benefit of the common man, let me state that she is but another form of ‘I’, and is nothing but the ‘Supreme I’... Will a man become complete by performing these practices? Yes, he can; any practice carried out with total concentration and interest will bring the person to the level of ‘I Brama’...

By combining this ‘power’ the devotee can attain internal balance, can become radiant and can overcome greed. He can give new direction to his life... this is the power of Shiv or the power of myself, but is installed in that which the world calls as Shiv. This is a part of his powers termed Pindalinees...

Come let us experiment with this practice and imbibe the power; let us become a witness to it... Here is the gift given by Breha for your benefit...


Light a lamp, sit before it and chant the following line to invoke the goddess satiated by the power of Shiv. || OM Tripura Bhairavi Shiv Shakti Avahayami||

Invite the power to become a part of you by chanting this incantation. The goddess will be pleased by the offerings of scented flowers and lamp. The devotee who practices this with complete devotion will be blessed with ‘actuation and affirmation’, desires will be vanquished, mental balance/peace will be restored by ‘I’; Kamal, understand this about my medium. All these practices are not for ‘I’ but from ‘I’ for the benefit of the self. But if the devotee wihses to attain the ‘I-Bramha’ state with assiduousness, then I will establish myself in all completeness. But you are aware that attaining this mental status of ‘self’ is both simple and complicated. what you are doing is great... you are helping me in reaching up to and uniting with the ‘I’. Dear one, usually this has to be practiced for 21 days and its duration for absolute completeness is 41 days. Son, provide that vocative shape to those beings that you deem fit... Kamal, this world is but a playground and all the play takes place through me... Be it in the form of Gods of be it in the form of man, all actions are through me and for the cause of truth and love only; all others are just practices. You conclude all these tasks on your own...

Annapurna is a form of Laxmi and saying that she belongs to the same cadre is most ideal. She provides riches and rich harvests to her devotees. Those who worship Annapurna become resplendent. He who worships Annapurna will never taste poverty and will always feel enveloped in completeness. Irrespective whether he has money or not, he will always be in a state of fulfillment. He will be able to fulfill all his requirements in one way or the other. Annapurna is easily invoked by those with tranquil nature.

Procedure of worship

Place Incense, lit lamp, turmeric-mixed rice filled vessel, sacred urn and other paraphranallia necessary for worhip on a red cloth. Sit in a normal posture facing east and form a picture of Annapurna in your mind... place a red cloth on the stool. offer a red cloth to the goddess. Place the sacred urn (kalash) and place the bowl of rice on top of it; place your hands on your heart and chant this following line 5 times a day with all your heart:

|| OM Annapurnaya Agachcha Mama Hridayam Mama Graham Prtishtayami Namah||

This incantation is a great one. If the devotees chant this with pure heart for 41 days, they will never face shortage of food and riches throughout their lives.

Kamal, I am introducing this for the first time on this Earth through you. Here the word Preyasi means the one who is dear to the Supreme soul. Dear Kamal, let all living beings consider the Supreme soul as their dear one and let all beings strive to be dear to that Lord , being myself. All beings can take to observance of this practice. Kamal, soul, nature and I love the supreme soul. But the living beings cannot see ‘I’ as being dear to them... Those who see ‘I’ as their dear one are very rare. Son, this practice is just to unite the devotee with the supreme soul. Kamal, this practice/ritual is of 6 months duration. The devotee shall sit with me (‘I’) on his mind every day and try to understand the true shape of the inner self and the supreme self. Say “if you are my dear one Gurudev...” “If you are my Guru, please introduce me to your self. If you are my dear one, please come near me. I pray you...”

The devotee shall emote this daily at Bramhavela, directing this to his dear one or Lord... Kamal, you shall imbibe this in a accomplishable manner in your own life... Note: The above mentioned procedures/practices are secret and confidential. Those who practice this in their entirety will get worldly, supernatural powers. will attain Sachchidanad, Shivanand, Brmahnand (three states of ecstasy) and will tread the exalted path of Shaktipath (path of power), Urdhva path (Path of ascendancy), Divyapath (divine path), and Bramhapath (path leading to the supreme soul) by getting initiated to the ‘complete practices procedure’ by the Gurudev. The Gurudev will reveal the secrets of these confidential practices which would help you in your journey of asceticism. Your desires will be fulfilled; riches and fame can be yours. Repute, status, prestige and all worldly pinnacles can be achieved. You can attain spiritual excellence, spiritual soul, supreme soul, power awakening, perineum power and the path will lead to Sahasrar Shiv; You can taste the nectar and lead a blissful life...


• Commitment – a sadhana may only be ten minutes a day, but just doing it every single day no matter what says that you care about your spiritual evolution. You are putting yourself first and you are growing.

• Discipline – the mind and ego are wily, tricky things and will use all kinds of excuses to try and keep you from doing your sadhana. Doing it every single day builds discipline as we learn not to listen to the mind and the ego, and to just DO what feels good because we know we truly want it.

• Evolution – you’re either changing and growing as a person, or you’re stagnating. Do you want life to get better, or not? Doing a daily sadhana is one small way to make sure that every single day is just a little bit better than the last one, no matter what else is going on in your life.

• Foundation – at just 10 minutes, a sadhana is like planting a tiny little seed in the garden. Every day you practice you water it and it grows… and as you get used to dedicating ten minutes a day to your evolution and growth, you’ll naturally discover you want to make more and more time for yourself. That tiny seed blossoms and grows and bears fruit and one day you turn around and discover your whole life has become a sadhana.

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